December Newsletter

Grade Six News

December 2019

Dates to Remember

Dec. 5 Grandparent’s Tea

Dec. 6 No School

Dec. 12 Grade 6 Chapel

Dec. 16-20 Math Fair Prep

Dec. 17 Div 1 Christmas Concert

Dec. 20 PJ Day! 

Christmas sing along 8:50

Last Day of School 

Math Fair - come test your knowledge between 11:00 am- 12:30 pm

Jan. 6 Happy New Year!!  Back to School 

Curriculum Updates

Language Arts
We are continuing with our Guided Reading program which helps students to look at the structure of a piece of writing, practice reading aloud and helps us focus on specific literary elements. We’re also working on writing stories with effective beginnings, middles and endings. 


We’ll continue to be looking at the “Big Questions” that people have about their faith and discuss using the Bible to answer these. Students have been engaged in these big discussion questions, and a lot of good conversations have occured during these classes!

Students will be beginning to work on polygons, area, perimeter and volume at the beginning of the month.  We will be taking what we have learned and moving on to integers, ratio and percents towards the end of the month.  

All grade 6 students have been put into groups with peers from other classes to do a math fair.  Each group will be given a math problem to solve, and then tasked with creating a display to challenge others to solve the problem as well.  Students will be given the opportunity to share their learning with other classes at CCS and their parents on December 21 at 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM.  Benefits of the math fair include: math for a real purpose for a real audience, problem solving skills, mathematical reasoning, math communication, demonstrating understanding, perseverance, teamwork, motivation, and student engagement.  Hope you can join us!


Social Studies - Social City
Students will show an understanding and appreciation for the organization and purpose of the local government. They will learn the intricacies of city planning: developing a vision of their city with our throughlines in mind, balancing a budget, designing and creating a functioning city. Through project-based learning, they will experience all the levels of city creation, getting a hands-on approach to municipal government. A variety of learning styles will be addressed in this project, including visual-spatial, verbal-linguistic, physical-kinesthetic, logical-mathematical, and social-interpersonal.



We’ve started our unit on Sky Science and have already covered the phases of the moon.  We’re moving onto studying the planets and then we’ll be taking a look at the sun and constellations. Finally we’ll be studying the Sun, how it affects seasons and eclipses.  



The French 6 students are just wrapping up our unit on food - specifically "La pizza."  We have had fun surveying our classmates with regard to pizza preferences, learning the words for pizza toppings through songs, and creating a menu for a new restaurant. As we approach Christmas, we will be talking about French Christmas traditions, as well as exploring vocabulary related to Christmas by reading scripture, singing familiar Christmas carols and listening to the Christmas story -- all in French, of course!

Friday, December 20


Comfy Cozy and

Christmas Carol Day

Wear your favourite comfy cozy clothes (sweaters, sweats, PJs, slippers) and bring your favorite teddy to school.  Be ready to sing Christmas songs with the whole elementary school!