June Newsletter

Grade Six News

June  2019

Dates to Remember:

June 5 -  Winsport Field Trip- all grade 6 classes

June 6 -  Citizenship Chapel 8:50

June 10 - Garden Day - wear a hat

June 20 - ELA Part B PAT

June 24 - Math PAT

June 25 - Science PAT

June 26 - Social PAT

June 26 - Grade 6 Celebration at Emmanuel Church

**7:00 PM - arrive at 6:45 PM dressed in Sunday Best

June 27 - School’s out for Summer! ** Please note the 1:30pm Dismissal that day!**

Curriculum Updates

Language Arts

Classes are working on poetry, book projects, fractured fairy tales and reviewing test taking skills for the PAT.



The students have worked very hard this year preparing for the PAT exams! On exam day, we will do the test in the morning and then have an extended recess to relax after. Please make sure that your child gets a good rest the night before and brings healthy snacks to eat on PAT morning. Thanks!


Memory Work


For the month of June, your child gets to choose a Bible Verse that is meaningful to them.  It must be 2-4 verses in length and they should run it by their homeroom teacher the second week of June.


We are working  on Fractions, Ratios and Percents and then are moving on to Transformations We’ll be focusing on selecting converting different types of fractions.  Lastly, we will finish up the year looking at geometry. Specifically we’ll be working with the coordinate grid and performs transformations with shapes on the grid.


Social Studies

We are finishing up our unit on Ancient Athens. We will be discussing how they made decisions and how it differed from the Iroquois Confederacy’s idea of consensus. Students will be looking at the social structure as well as the political structure of Athens, and discussing the pros and cons to their form of democracy. The rest of the month will be review.



We will continue with our unit on Air and Aerodynamics.  We’ve looked at the characteristics of air and how air pressure works.  We’ll be moving on to study how Air and Aerodynamics work together to allow for flight of both birds and airplanes.  After we finish our Air and Aerodynamics we’ll be reviewing the work for the year and preparing for the Science PAT.



In French, the students have been working diligently on their slide presentation - "Les animaux de l'Alberta." Please be sure to ask your son/daughter to log into the Google Classroom and share their presentation with you. You will be impressed! For the remainder of the year, we will continue to add more detailed information to the slideshow and, if time allows, complete a small postcard project related to famous French architecture and monuments. A quiz on "les animaux" is scheduled for June 4th.


In health class the students will be identifying and describing the stages and factors that can affect human development from conception through birth.  As well, the students will examine and evaluate the risk factors associated with the blood-borne diseases HIV, AIDS and hepatitis. If you have any concerns with your child participating during these classes please contact your child’s homeroom teacher and they will be happy to discuss your concerns.



In Bible, various classes continue to explore Max Lucado’s book, Tell Me the Secrets, while other classes are studying different people from the Bible, looking at their lives in depth.

GRADE SIX PAT Dates and Info:


Reader and Scribe needed for Grade Six PATs.  General commitment time is from 8:50-11:30.

Dates are:

June 20th Part B Language Arts

June 24th Math

June 25th Science

June 26th Social

If interested please sign up here.

Reader/Scribe Sign up

Grade 6 Graduation Evening (note 7:00 PM start)

On June 26th the grade 6 students will be honoured as they transition to grade 7. This year we will have the graduation at Emmanuel CRC and it will begin at 7:00 PM.  Please feel free to invite family and friends to join us in celebrating their accomplishments. In past years many of the students have chosen to dress up for the occasion and this is encouraged.  However, we do ask that the students follow the dress code for the day. Following the graduation ceremony there will be refreshments and snacks. Please see up Sign Up Genius if you are able to contribute.  Watch the parent email for information on when this volunteer opportunity will be ready.


Monday, June 10th Request & Reminder

If you can, PLEASE SEND:

  • Garden gloves
  • Pruning shears
  • Garden tools
  • Ice cream pails

Students will be EARTHKEEPING and BEAUTY-CREATING our school grounds!